I’m back :)

After a couple of year break, I’ve decided to pick up the blog once more and vent my everyday MA frustrations of postgraduate life interspersed between book reviews and opinion pieces.

I’m juggling multiple books at the moment, but within the next two weeks I hope to publish reviews on: Emma by Jane Austen, The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard J. Evans and The Real Odessa by Uki Goni. In terms of general opinion pieces, I’m hoping to do a little bit on maintenance grants and whatever makes me particularly angry in the news.

It’s proving a struggle at the moment to struggle a work placement, an MA class, workshops, a German class, my responsibilities as a course rep and my paid job whilst sleeping and stuff. I’ve already succumbed to some poorly affliction today after a third full day of fun and MA festivity (three days into the new term already and I’m pooped). Therefore a large bowl of the stew my nan sent me back to Canterbury with and a cup of tea are proving to hit the spot. Hopefully the rest of the week is less hectic and I can do some valuable recharging.