REVIEW – Origin by Dan Brown

So, yes I will admit – I am a bit of a Dan Brown fan. So sue me! I like my conspiracy indulgences and a little bit of intrigue for my trouble, what can I say? Deception Point was probably the highlight of my Dan Brown reading for far-fetched awesomeness. And the most recent instalment of the Robert Langdon series from Brown, ‘Origin’, definitely had some of those familiar tropes.

So Origin follows Robert Langdon and future Queen of Spain Ambra Vidal as they try and unravel futurist and fervent atheist Edmond Kirsch’s announcement that claims to be able to shake creation narratives – his big announcement cut short by his assassination. What follows is a lot of running around Spain, dodging bullets and media frenzy to discover and release Kirsch’s discoveries and share them with the world.

The final announcement becomes two fold – humanity’s creation can be explained solely with physics, no role for a divine creator. But the bigger announcement, and I’ll keep schtum on this one for anyone who wants to read it – is where humanity is going and how it is on the brink of extinction. This for me rounded off the book and brought it up in my estimations of ‘oh dear this is so familiar to everything Dan Brown related I’ve ever read’….

In a way, the storyline was vaguely predictable not in the sense of the ending but the general structure that I’ve come to expect from Dan Brown. I would describe this book as nauseatingly similar to the Da Vinci Code – themes of science vs religion, secret sects and societies and rogue assassin individuals with a mastermind pulling their strings and that oh so bitter sense of betrayal at the end. There was one key diversion from stereotypical Dan Brown and Robert Langdon – Langdon didn’t end up screwing the strong female lead! Well I guess she was the future Queen of Spain, that’s definitely a better offer than a Harvard symbology Professor with a habit of being inserted into crazy conspiracy scenarios and being shot at.

Three reviews in 24 hours, check me out! I can confirm that the next book I’m delving into is ‘The One’ by John Marrs which is a dark kind of dystopian science-y type novel. Review to follow once I’ve delved in and come to a judgement.


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