My Review of the Body Gossip Book

My Review of the Body Gossip Book
Finished on: 3rd July 2013
Rating: 5 stars
Reading Challenge Book Number: 42
I am very biased when rating this book, I will let you know in advance!
I got involved with Body Gossip very recently after my friend Amy who is an ambassador asked me to go with her to a flashmob they were running to promote positive body image. This is something I am very for, as I know how different everyone’s bodies are and yet they are all beautiful in different unique ways. After participating in the flashmob, I was asked by the co-founder of the charity Ruth Rogers to become an ambassador and help to spread the message. I was completely honoured to be asked to carry on working with this amazing charity with it’s uplifting message – everyone is beautiful.
I sat down and began to read this book soon after the flashmob on June 28th 2013. It has been described as an anthology of more than 300 short body stories written by real people from all over the UK. There are poems, prose and dialogues written about everything body image related including pregnancy, diets, sport, ageing, adolescence, eating disorders, ethnicity, sexuality and disability. I was captivated by the raw honesty of the people who had written it, the candid nature of the writing and how enlightening and sometimes humorous the ways people chose to tell their stories about their bodies.
Please give this a read guys, it definitely makes you feel better about yourself and your body and uplifts you in a way I cannot even describe to you 🙂