My Review of Before I Go To Sleep by S.J.Watson

Date Finished: 8th February 2013

Book Challenge Number: 11 (I’ve skipped number 10 because it was Utopia by Thomas More, compulsory reading for a presentation I had to do. Also skipped 8 which was the Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, I don’t want to bore you or myself by posting a review on those)
Rating: 5 stars
Before I Go To Sleep follows Christine, a woman who wakes up unable to remember the previous day or key events in her life before a traumatic event. With the help of Dr Nash, she keeps a journal and tries to recapture her memories. 
When I first started reading this book, I was expecting it to be quite dry with no real storyline apart from ‘she can’t remember’ and thought the story might get repetitive. But oh no, this story had so many twists and turns that it well and truly had my attention. I do a lot of reading when I’m under the weather, but this book captivated me so much I finished it in two days! 
I love the way Watson builds up this image of domesticity with that undertone of suspicion that runs all the way through, culminating in an explosive climax that I did not see coming. The ending is really a happy one by all accounts, and a lot of questions you have as the story progresses are answered in the ending.
Overall, it was a heartfelt novel about feeling like you’ve lost yourself because you can’t remember key events in your life. I loved the little flashbacks that she has of past events as she visits new places and meets old faces, it really made the book personal and made you sympathise for poor Christine as her life appears so wasted.
For beautiful writing, emotion, suspicion and a brilliant ending, I 100% recommend this book