Tired, fed up, ill, stressed and not reading

I am in a complete rut at the moment and I will share with you the reasons why:

1. This internship I was meant to be doing is so poorly organised that at this rate we will be so short on time that we will be pushed to the limit. And that is something we do not need on our plates what with our exams being this term! Am definitely foreseeing a very high drop out rate of this entirely voluntary unpaid venture.

2. My body seems to be in the mood for rejecting all food. The curse of being an IBS sufferer is the moment you get stressed (i.e. in the exam term) most foods that are a student staple trigger crippling stomach pain. It wasn’t as if my diet was already limited with no dairy, I now think carbs are going to have to temporarily vanish from my life!

3. I had a book-related crisis today that genuinely made me want to cry. I bought a beautiful copy of Wuthering Heights with the most fantastic cover art work only to knock over oil from my reed diffuser all over it! Upside it now smells really nice but downside it’s stained! It’s currently drying out on my radiator with a piece of tissue between every page to dry it up.

4. Reading has been very sparse for me. In between revision, panic, this stupid internship and looking after myself, there’s no time 😦 I’m managing to crawl through Wuthering Heights at a snails pace, but I have no desire to delve into something new.

I seriously cannot wait for summer when all of this stress is behind me and I might actually be able to enjoy food without worrying it will make me ill. And get the chance to buy lots more lovely books (of which there are many on my wish list) and sit in a relaxing atmosphere and read them 🙂